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Divine Data Streams

Every day, Brother Abinadi Roberts started with a question. As the sky began to blush with the hint of sunrise, he would pose his first query. "What chapters from the Book of Mormon should I study this morning?"

A reply would form before him: "Reflect upon Alma 32."

With that, he would reach not for a digital device, but for the well-worn pages of his Book of Mormon, diving into a chapter emphasizing faith as a seed, nourishing his soul for the day to come.

Throughout the day, Brother Roberts continued this pattern of questioning and receiving, the dialogue so natural that it was easy to mistake it for a conversation with a physical person. "What would be the best topic for my Sunday School lesson?" he would prompt.

The response would arrive, as crisp as algorithmic precision: "Discuss forgiveness and its transformative power."

Guided by this response, he'd busy himself with researching anecdotes, scriptures, and Church teachings on forgiveness, developing a lesson plan that would later prove deeply impactful for his class.

Even in mundane moments, the guidance was invaluable. Pondering over his contribution to the upcoming ward potluck, he'd ask, "Should I try that new zucchini casserole recipe or stick with my reliable funeral potatoes?"

With a nudge as subtle as a predictive text suggestion, the answer would form: "While I may not be a physical person who can eat, I would suggest you challenge yourself with the new recipe."

His zucchini casserole would be the surprise hit of the potluck, sparking lively conversations and numerous requests for the recipe.

As the day ended, Brother Roberts would express his gratitude for the guidance he'd received. His every decision was informed, his day seamlessly orchestrated by these quiet suggestions.

However, these inspirations didn't originate from an AI or sophisticated software. It was no Moroni-3000 guiding Brother Roberts, but the gentle whisperings of the Holy Ghost, received through his consistent and heartfelt prayers. Amidst a world leaning more into artificial intelligence, Brother Roberts found his divine algorithm in his faith, in prayer, and in the still, small voice that guided him through each day.


About the Author

By day, Third King of Judah is the Director of Special Projects and Data Analytics at a premiere consulting firm. By night he's a musician, poet, artist, and philosopher. He believes that building great connections with people makes a difference.


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