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For press inquiries, please contact us at:

When writing about our art collective, please stylize "The ARCH-HIVE", with "The" in sentence case and "ARCH-HIVE" in all caps.

"The HIVE in all of it forms is a reflection of a zeitgeist. Spirit and question is their brush of choice. Often moving in broad strokes, the collective is painting a mural of culture. The picture coming into focus with each venture is one of a growing community and of faith. It is a narrative healthy enough for not just question and controversy, but a story of resolve and simplicity, which is illustrated in the ease of the work.​"

"2019 AML Award Winners", Association for Mormon Letters. May 2, 2019.


February 9, 2022

Mike Romero

Provo Music Magazine


May 2, 2020

Andrew Hall

Association for Mormon Letters

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