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A Collection of Eternities

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

by Sunny


I wish I had

the gift

of tongues

So I could hear

the hearts

of men

And soothe and heal

the cries

of souls

That search and want

for the comfort

of God.

I would hold

them in my arms

and whisper

in their mother's


The love and hope

I hold

for them.

But I do not have

the gift

of tongues

I cannot hear

the hearts

of men.

I have but my own

heart and tongue

not yet a mother's

I have this hope

and love

It leaks

out of me in waves

with nowhere

to go.

So I give

it to God

who knows

where it is needed

In the hope

that They give

it to the hearts

of men

that need it most.


I glimpsed you

In the white room

I caught my breath

You stole my soul

I whispered in my second tongue

You held my face and smiled

In the white room

We were alone

I held you and felt your curls

Much like your living sister's

I was suspiciously alone

Until you showed and another

Sat across from me

Much older and so familiar

She grasped my hand

And you nestled your face in my dress

You both died at the same age

Though years and years apart

Almost seven days full

Never leaving the wires and tubes

But then the Lord took you

To rest on that last day

Your mothers mourned

And we all missed you so

But in that room across the world

The white room that is

You and your uncle’s sister sat with me

Free of all mortal bounds


In the garden

Would she do it?

If it meant she could rise up past the stars?

Could she leave the splendor

Comfort, rest, and peace?

Her husband slumbered in the shade,

She couldn't leave him too.

She thought she could see him in her mind

Exalted, brave, eyes glowing with love as he stood

Beside her, clothed in the white robes of their Father.

The serpent whispered

Twisting and sly

Leave it all and come to me

I can give you greater power still.

It was not as appetizing as the fruit

Which glistened in the noonday sun

Sweet and rich, perfect as can be

As everything else here was.

She glanced at her hands,

Smooth and unscarred.

What was a scar, anyways?

What was life? What was joy?

What was fear? What was death?

Before she could doubt herself, she bit

And juice dripped down her chin as her mind

Opened and her eyes could See.

Energy filled her and she grasped her beloved arms

Confused, he searched her ecstasy, and understanding

Blossomed as he joined her in her knowledge.

The two new mortals embraced and cried

They knew now what was to come.

They said farewell to their home and Father

And set off as all children should.


About the Author

Sunny is a college student majoring in English Education and an amateur writer who has always been entranced by poetry. A lifelong member of the LDS Church, she writes primarily about her own spirituality, relationship with God, and religious experiences, and writes fantasy prose on the side. You can read her work on Twitter at @sunnystarpoetry.

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