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A Sacrament Prayer

O God, the Eternal Father,

who am I

We ask thee in the name of thy Son, Jesus Christ,

to address God

To bless and sanctify

to ask for sanctification

This bread

broken by my unclean hands

To the souls

this tarnished soul

Of all those who partake of it,

pleading on their behalf

That they may eat in remembrance

please, don’t remember

Of the body of thy Son,

the sins I place upon that body

And witness unto thee,

a witness against me

O God, the Eternal Father,

oh, God

That they are willing to take upon them

why were you willing to take them?

The name of thy Son,

but I’m a son, too

And always remember him

and the scars in his hands

And keep his commandments

are scars in my heart

Which he has given them;

lord, have mercy on me

That they may always have his Spirit

a humble sinner

To be with them.

be with us




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