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A Welcome Note

As the founders of the ARCH-HIVE, we felt the need to set the stage for a new and refreshing project in the Bloggernacle. Working with the one and only Gnome Chompsky as editor-in-chief, we are proud to present HIVE BLOG.

A guiding principle of ours has always been to embrace the peculiarities of Mormonism. We are not ashamed of the church, its people, or its culture. We have something that nobody else has, and we are sad when we see it tossed aside. That is not to say that all is well in Zion. We live in a fallen world with broken people.

We have seen blogs defending Mormonism at all costs, and blogs tearing it apart at the seams. So where does that leave us?

All members of the ARCH-HIVE have different thoughts on what pieces should change or remain in the doctrine/culture. We aren’t always united by ideology (believe us, we’ve had our fair share of discussions), but what brings us together is a belief in reformation above conservation or revolution. We believe in Mormonism as a home where all truth has a seat at the table.

We don’t think that growth can come through antagonization or chastisement. We want to improve on the wonderfully weird traditions we have. Mormonism shouldn’t be chopped up or misshapen to fit into a different mold. We want to celebrate what we have, while sharing how we are each removing the beams from our eyes.

So please join us as we share our journalism, poetry, fiction, and comedy. We are incredibly excited to participate in the conversation.

-Laz & Camilla


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