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Abram and His Father

“The Trial of Abraham’s Faith,” by Gustave Dore (1866)

Abram wept at the altar.

Old Abram, wise Abram, Faithful, unshakable, unchangeable Abram, Bless the earth with posterity Abram, Fell on his face with the knife. Isaac lay patiently waiting While Abraham cried.

Elohim wept at the altar.

All Father, wise Father,

Faithful, unshakable, unchangeable Father,

Frame the earth and the universe Father,

Darkened the earth and the skies.

Jesus hung patiently dying

While Elohim cried.


About the Author

Once a mighty warrior in the pre-existence, Gazelem retired and came to earth to get a body and explore the arts. Outside of Latter-day Saint art and literature, you can find him writing and editing for and playing keys for Michael Barrow & The Tourists.

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