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  • Writer's pictureCorey Landon Wozniak

My 2-Year-Old Son Has a Febrile Seizure

(Genesis 22; Exodus 11-13)

He looked like a crazed prophet

A holy fool in ecstasy

A Pentacostal speaking tongues:

Eyes rolled back,

Head lolling,

Mouth frothing,

Arms locked and joints stiff.

His body was magma.

His sheets were soiled.

I took him in my arms

And prayed.

I thought he would die.

Holy God,

Please do not take our firstborn sons.


About the Author

Corey Landon Wozniak lives with his wife and two sons in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he teaches English and Comparative Religions at a public high school. An avid writer, his essays have appeared in The Revealer and Public Square Magazine.


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