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  • Writer's pictureCorey Landon Wozniak

Portrait of Eve

“Portrait of Eve”

(Genesis 2-3)

Bedecked with

bangles of blueberries

on thin wrists and ankles,

Embalmed in a perfume of pine

and black soil,

a robin nests in her tresses.

Eyes like river rocks

of the Euphrates

lock, euphoric,

on the fig.

As the pulpy, purple

flesh of fig

slides from throat

to stomach,

she remembers

the dark promise.

A cuticle yellows.


About the Author

Corey Landon Wozniak lives with his wife and two sons in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he teaches English and Comparative Religions at a public high school. An avid writer, his essays have appeared in The Revealer and Public Square Magazine.


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