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by J. Kenneth Doty

Throughout the days of God's great plan, One grand theme comes through to man: Sacrifice!

Father Adam, earth's first man, Banished from Paradise, starts the plan of Sacrifice.

Though humble, lowly, young, and shy, Enoch lifts Zion to the sky with Sacrifice.

Noah, Man of Ancient Days, Built an ark to save a race 'midst ridicule and Sacrifice.

Abraham, the chosen one, Desired from God a worthy son to Sacrifice.

The Son of God fulfilled the plan To give salvation to every man – a Sacrifice!

His Apostles remain, the Church survives, Until persecution demands their lives in Sacrifice.

Joseph, key to restoration, Ushers in this dispensation with Sacrifice.

Driv'n by mobs from homes so dear, The humble saints turn pioneer through Sacrifice.

Today in affluence I stand And pray, "Lord, what do you command I Sacrifice?"

Then comes the Voice of Life and Light, "A heart that is broken and a spirit contrite. Sacrifice!"


About the Author

A WWII veteran of the United States Navy, J. Kenneth Doty had a harrowing experience when his aircraft was shot down over Tokyo Bay. He miraculously survived, returned home, and married Corinne Andrus – his wife of nearly 70 years. Ken led a successful life as a sports announcer, musician, insurance salesman, and school board chairman. He was a Patriarch in Portland, OR until his passing in 2017. He is survived by his 6 children and 23 grandchildren. This poem was originally published in his family history, Talks I Wish I Had Given. Republished with permission.


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