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  • Writer's pictureFrazer Clough

Sanctified Mountain

Tell me this, Tectonic shift, whether it is holier to rise up haughtily to the heavens or weather away over centuries surrendered to time's will?

Your sons came rolling from the mountains.

From the tops of the mountains came granite men,

fresh igneous moulded

by mason hands.

They pummelled our sandstone hearts.

How can you love us

yet shake the dust?

Tell me this,

Tectonic shift.


About the Author

Frazer Clough’s physical form resides in Brisbane, Australia, often in a science classroom or at a desk. Mentally and spiritually he rides in the saddle of a winged curelom, often in a cloud or at a rainbow. He has performed his poetry at Ruckus Brisbane and had his work exhibited in HIVE SHOW-004. IG: @knobbleknee.


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