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Three Missionaries

When three missionaries were asked of their labor,

Their answers were different back to their neighbor.

"I'm tracting. I'm tracting," said one missionary.

"It's hard and it's lacking. It's stressful and scary.

The hours are long and the laborers are few

And give me a handful of months and I'm through."

"I'm finding. I'm finding," responded the second.

"I always am happy and come before beckoned.

I'll miss when it's over; it's going so fast.

The mission's a blur and it's sure been a blast."

"I'm building. I'm building," responded the third.

"I'm building the kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

And when I return home, my work there's begun.

The work of our Father will never be done."


About the Author

Composer, writer, and performer Randall Smith lives in pursuit of creative practice that challenges categories and defies assumptions and expectations about genre and style traditions. Viewing art as a uniting and edifying force, Smith's interests chiefly lie in unusual and unexpected collaborations with artists of various disciplines and media, as well as community experiences that challenge traditional formats and participant roles. Never one to shy away from the bizarre, Smith makes up one half of punk-classical duo Counterpoint Hangman. Hobbies and extra-musical pursuits include cooking, reading everything in sight, learning languages, and Chinese martial arts.


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