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Sharing A Sunset

Tried to share a sunset but couldn’t

because a photo wouldn’t show

all the colours of my soul

reflected on the horizon:


rage of my light

bespattered with Black thought

fleeting in flight,

now the ashes of Orange

burning to ripe,

with Peach soft passion immerse me;

then Pink

a beauty to blink with flittered lids

over wide-eyed rapturous gaze

towards Mauve

my heart beating stiller now

as I turn away

to Darker shades.

Tried to share a sunset but couldn’t

because my frame wouldn’t fit you

in all this space.

My reticent rays penetrate beyond place

and the yolk of my Sun is scrambling up every hill

as I slide my shadows over each rill.

Don’t hold me.

I’m pining for infinity,

my guiltless mistress lies on top

and stretches me in five dimensions

unfettered from any intention.

But with your hand on my thigh

and your tongue in my ear

I couldn’t stand to see

or listen to hear

the flap of a flying fox.

Tried to share a sunset but couldn’t

because my view was unbalanced

on scales see-sawed by the weight of

a square and a squiggly line,

a compass and off-course car,

navel and hazel eyes,

bended knee for open arms.

Tried to share my love with you but wouldn’t.


About the Author

Frazer Clough’s physical form resides in Brisbane, Australia, often in a science classroom or at a desk. Mentally and spiritually he rides in the saddle of a winged curelom, often in a cloud or at a rainbow. He has performed his poetry at Ruckus Brisbane and had his work exhibited in HIVE SHOW-004. IG: @knobbleknee.


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